Seria 70&80 Oilfield Servicing Blocks Crosby®


McKissick® Oilfield Tubing Blocks utilizing new Split Nut Retention System.
Revolutionary new retention system eliminates conventional threaded nut
and potential problems associated with thread corrosion.
• Exclusive E-Z opening guards, no bolts to pull out and lose. Feature gives fastest possible
exposure of sheave cluster for quick reeving.
• Extremely short overall length, extra weight, excellent balance for fast non-wobbling falls.
• Extra large sealed sheave bearing diameters for fully rated capacities.
• Roller thrust bearing in hook.
• Duplex hook for easy elevator operation, locks in eight positions.
• Convenient rod hook clevis available.
• Completely streamlined, no projections.
• McKissick Roll-Forged, flame hardened sheaves, grooved for proper wire line size.
Contact Crosby for additional wire line sizes.
• Threaded hook parts precision machined and individually fitted
for maximum performance.
• All blocks available with additional cheek weights.
• All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.



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