Seria BC-751,752 Overhead Bridge Crane Blocks Crosby®


• Wide range of product available (see tables below).
• Removable housing allows block to be reeved without complete disassembly.
• Bearing life and Design Factors meet:
•ASME HST-4, Class H
•CMAA 70 Class D
•FEM9.511 Class 2m
•ISO 4301.1 Class M5
• Adjustable sheave spacing in 12 -13mm increments (6.5mm on 165mm size).
• Sheave pitch diameter minimum of 16 times rope diameter on standard sizes.
• All single point shank hooks are genuine Crosby®, forged alloy steel, Quenched and Tempered, contain the patented
QUIC-CHECK® markings and come with a world class latch that integrates with hook tip.
• All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.
• U.S. Patent 7,255,330
• Sheave bearings are maintenance free and sealed for life
(10,000 hrs.).
• Ability to attach optional anti two-block device.
• Available with shackle as lower connection point.
• Ultimate load is 5 times the Working Load Limit. McKissick® Overhead Bridge Crane Blocks


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